Clipnote Studio is a freeware animation software that's meant to replicate a very specific style.
Development was started in late 2018 by Calcium using Game Maker Studio
A new version is being worked on as of late 2019, switching from GML to C++. Current release window is late 2020.
If you want to stay up to date on clipnotes development and other news, feel free to join our discord server and follow us on twitter.
Currently, my main platform of distrobution is ITCH.io, I proritize that site, and write any and all devlogs there.
Clipnote is also available on Gamejolt for the sake of choice.
I am planning on releasing on Steam in the furure, as well as releasing Mac, Linux, and mobile versions for future updates.
Here are a few Clipnote related tools created by some wonderful people!

Used to convert Clipnotes to .mp4, .gif and .clip.
Used to convert Flips to Clipnotes.
Server API
Used to host Clipnote servers.